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SHE'J Q'DEE , born Denim Stanback, is a 17 year old female DJ from Philadelphia. 
"Dee"  is the 3rd born, has 2 sisters and a brother. She attends C.A.P.A High School in her Senior year majoring in MDTV.  

Dee  started out in the entertainment business at 5 years young as a founding member & rapper with  an all clean hip hop group Diva Dollz & Company.  Along with her sister's and background dancers, Q'Dee was fearlessly on the front of the stage for a few to thousands of spectators  for over 300 events. Dee delivered her lyrics and controlled the crowd with her dance routines & age appropriate lyrics standing just 4ft tall with amazing confidence  & self esteem .

At the age of 12,
Dee  developed an interest in Dj'ing while admiring another young DJ and she wanted to learn.  The rest of the story is still being told as she continues to grow as a SHE'J in a male dominated  DJ entertainment industry.  Dee's  love of music , her own unique style and skill of  music selection from her extensive clean music library gets the guests to the floor while they dance and reminisce.   All of this is a dream come true for a young female DJ. 


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